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SERVPRO of The Attleboros Customer Satisfaction Survey

10/3/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO branded logo Putting YOU First. Call us 24/7 @ 508-223-0505

Take our customer satisfaction survey now!

SERVPRO of The Attleboros, we pride ourselves in making the customer happy with a restoration job well done. 

At SERVPRO of The Attleboros, we follow a strict protocol to ensure customer satisfaction in all areas of the job from start to finish. We meet with property owners to asses damage, make a plan, and we execute it all while keeping the customers satisfaction at the forefront. Check out our recent commercial that aired on national tv!

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We serve areas of North Attleboro, Attleboro Falls, and surrounding areas like Seekonk, Swansea, and Dighton. Call us at 508-223-0505 for your disaster cleanup. 

Autumn Fire Safety for Attleboro Community

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

rubber duck with caption "Keep your ducks in a row with SERVPRO" 508-223-0505

Fall is here which means we want to remind you of basic fire damage safety rules. With Autumn comes warmer weather, Fall activities, savory comfort recipes and fire places, but with this comes potential threats for fire damage. We get fire damage calls all the time, and we understand the stress and uncertainty that comes along with losing your belongings.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Make sure there is space between your space heater and other furniture
  • Monitor your air-ducts and HVAC systems and call SERVPRO of The Attleboros 508-223-0505 if you need professional cleaning 
  • Hire a team to clean out your chimney at least once a year
  • Do not leave a fire unattended 
  • When there is a fire, do NOT attempt to clean up, since it can cause the smoke to "set" in the area
  • Turn all appliances off when you leave your home or office
  • Use flashlights inside of Jack-O-Lanterns instead of candles to prevent possible fire
  • Do not use gasoline to start a fire

For more tips visit

EEE: What You Need to Know

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

caption "EEE what you need to know" with SERVPRO branded logo at the bottom EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis)

Triple E, known as Eastern Equine Encephalitis,  is a rare disease carried by mosquitoes and has made headlines recently due to another person contracting the disease and dying. reported a person in Connecticut died. 

The positive news is that it is getting colder so mosquitoes should not be as much of a problem. Specialists say to stay indoors. There have been 8 total deaths nationwide from EEE.

Symptoms of EEE

This illness causes swelling of the brain with flu-like symptoms. Information is retrieved from the CDC

  • irritability/ restlessness
  • chills/fever
  • vomiting
  • coma 
  • headache 
  • diarrhea 

About 1/3 of people who contract the disease die from it, so it's CRUCIAL to always where mosquito repellent and to stay indoors when its' dark out. If you have EEE, it's important to report it so officials can test mosquitoes in that area for the virus and spraying may begin.


Grand Wine Tasting at Attleboro Arts Museum

9/17/2019 (Permalink)

a person sitting down drinking wine with caption "Wine Tasting, Attleboro Arts Museum 6:30-9pm" October 18th 6:30-9pm

Who doesn't love a cocktail sometime? How about some wine? We have another exciting event for you today. Mark your calendars because October 18th there will be a grand wine tasting at the Attleboro Arts Museum from 6:30pm - 9pm. This wine tasting is sponsored by Spirit City Liquors. Tickets are available at the museum or all City Spirit Liquor locations. The tickets are on sale for $15 per person. There will be over 100 wines to sample and local craft beers to try. It is going to be a great time for Attleboro, Seekonk, and nearby residents so don't miss it! To enter, just show your valid photo I.D. and ticket.

This event will be located at the following address: 

Attleboro Arts Museum - 86 Park St., Attleboro

Check out this event on Facebook!

For questions/concerns - or call 508.222.2644 x10

SERVPRO Spiced Cider Deodorizer - Available Limited Time Only

9/16/2019 (Permalink)

a storm with caption "SERVPRO National Preparedness Month Are you Ready?" September = National Preparedness Month

It will be officially Fall on Monday, September 23rd, so we at SERVPRO of The Attleboros have a new product we want to tell you about. 

This works on all surfaces and has a delightful spiced apple cider scent which is perfect for getting your residence or commercial property smelling great for guests and customers for Autumn. Use this product while you can because it is limited edition. 

How to Use 

Light-Medium Odors - Mix 1 cup of Spiced Cider Deodorizer with 1 gallon of water

Heavy Odors - Mix 2 cups of Spiced Cider Deodorizer with 1 gallon of water 

The warning label says to ALWAYS pretest a small area in case of an adverse reaction to the product. 

Call SERVPRO of The Attleboros at 508-223-0505 for your residential or commercial restoration needs. We restore properties in North Attleboro, Seekonk, Swansea, Attleboro Falls, and surrounding areas of Massachusetts. We also mitigate mold, soot, and smoke damage as well!

Stay Safe During Water Damage - Attleboro, MA

9/12/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO branded logo SERVPRO of The Attleboros, 508-223-0505

The weather for this week is supposed to be rainy and partly cloudy. The 10-day forecast for Attleboro, Massachusetts is linked below. With rain, comes a bigger chance of potential flooding. Here are some reminders when flooding is a threat.

Tips to Prevent Flooding After Rain 

- apply coatings for areas with cracks where water can seep through, like windows and the bottoms of doors

- install sump pumps

- raise electrical outlets to prevent electrocution and further damage to the residence or commercial property

If you're experiencing water damage, call SERVPRO of The Attleboros at 508-223-0505, serving areas of North and South Attleboro, Seekonk, Swansea, and Dighton. 

10-Day Weather Forecast:

More info on how to protect your home -

Commercial Puff Back - Seekonk, MA

9/9/2019 (Permalink)

rubber duck and logo Keep your ducks in a row, with SERVPRO (of The Attleboros)

SERVPRO of The Attleboros mitigates fire, water, smoke, soot, and mold damage for your commercial property, like your apartment, restaurant, hospital, and school.

A puff back is when a boiler chamber or furnace explodes. Most puff backs occur in an oil-fired system, but some occur with gas systems which can be way more severe. A puff back can be caused by a break in the nozzle or some systematic error in the boiler chamber. Businesses need substantial hours of operation in order to drive business. We understand that, which is why we're dedicated to serving commercial property owners. If you are experiencing a puff back in your home or business, leave the affected area, since it's likely you'll breathe in smoke and soot if you stay. Seek safety in an unaffected area and call the professionals at SERVPRO.

Don't try to clean up soot and smoke damage after a puff back. You may feel the need to, which is understandable, but leave it to the restoration professionals. They have the technology and certification to clean your puff back damage right. 

Most puff backs are covered by insurance, but it is recommended you check with your insurance provider and adjuster for the actual cost of mitigation. 

Reference on puff backs from the New York Times:

Commercial Services in the Attleboro!

9/5/2019 (Permalink)

 logo and rubber duck SERVPRO of The Attleboros 508-223-0505

In wake of Hurricane Dorian's destruction, SERVPRO of The Attleboros wants to remind you to stay safe especially if you are in the areas being directly affected by the Category 3 storm.

Whether it's a classroom, an industrial park basement, a hospital, a restaurant, or a university, we've got you covered for any fire or water emergency. We also offer cleaning, bio-hazard removal, and HVAC/Air-duct cleaning to keep your business running properly. As a business, we really understand the importance of the business to stay operating. 

We are open 24/7 to accommodate your business. The first step is assessment. Our certified team will come to your business first to assess damage and then will quickly begin mitigating your damage.

Take a look at our YouTube channel with many informational videos with pictures and testimonials to showcase our #RestorationDomination.

Hurricane Dorian

9/3/2019 (Permalink)

east coast map showing Hurricane Dorian's path Hurricane Dorian's path

Hurricane Dorian is remaining stationary over the Bahamas, greatly impacting the area and destroying homes and infrastructure. Later tonight and this week Dorian will continue movement up the coast but remaining offshore. Flooding is expected for Georgia and the Carolina's. If you are in these affected areas please seek safety, as officials have announced mandatory evacuations in certain areas. Flooding is a major issue, and that’s why we’re here to help during your disaster. SERVPRO is available for storm and flood restoration around the clock with over 1700 franchises nationwide.

If your home or business is suffering from excessive rainfall and flooding, give SERVPRO of The Attleboros a call at 508-223-0505 or visit our website:

Eco-Friendly Benefect Botanical Disinfectant - Attleboro

8/26/2019 (Permalink)

Gallon of Benefect Botanical Disinfectant cleaner Benefect Botanical Disinfectant Cleaner

Benefect Botanical Disinfectant

Many of today's cleaning products have chemicals that aren't exactly healthy for the human body. With pressing environmental issues, it's important to use safe cleaning products that are eco-friendly whenever possible. SERVPRO of The Attleboros uses Benefect Botanical Disinfectant is an EPA-registered product with no wiping or rinsing required. All you have to do is shake before use and then spray the desired area, wait 10 minutes, and then wipe the surface with a rag or paper towel. There are no warnings for use and is totally safe around children and pets. it has a refreshing lemon and spice smell due to the essential oils it contains.

Benefect has multiple uses and protects against blood-born pathogens like Tuberculosis. It can clean surfaces with fungi and deodorize. This product has a shelf life of 3 YEARS and covers 1000-1200 square feet per gallon. It can be stored at room temperature.